Personal"The teacher graded things very promptly and seemed to want to get to know the student on a personal level. I have no negatives to say :)"

Best“This course was by far the best eSchool i have taken my senior year. The teacher was helpful and prompt, gave positive feedback! Lessons were fun and exciting to look at, and made chemistry interesting and easier to learn.”
Independent“Great for students who are independent and like to work at home at their own pace. I love how there is an actual teacher, that you can talk to and not just an automated system.”
Valuable“This course has enabled me to get a better grasp on the early history of our country, as well as providing me with a number of interesting facts that I didn't know previously. The latter units, especially, provided me with valuable new knowledge, and it was easy to see how social events both pre-and-post-civil war remain poignant in our country to this day. I have no negative comments about this course!”
History“It was surprising in some ways, as History courses I've taken in the past are usually structured chronologically, while this course was arranged by topic. However, I believe this method enabled a more stream-lined learning experience, and helped me to better observe the connections between different time periods and events.”
Positive“Two positive comments are the amazing help and feedback I received from the teacher and the information that made the lessons easy to understand.”
Navigation“I love how the lessons are constructed and how easy it is to navigate through them and easily understand your results. The tests had helped me a lot and they directly are related to the lesson. The tests and quizzes require your application knowledge from what you learned and that's just awesome and prevents just memorization.”
Experiments“The interactive lessons were so awesome! It breaks down a topic very easily and makes it easy to understand. These lessons even have a few experiments that you could possibly try at home to further understand the subject.”
Challenging“I like it I mean it’s not easy it’s challenging but that's why learning new things is always a good thing.”
Lessons“I think the format of these lessons in this course were incredible.”
Videos“One of my favorite things about this course was the immense collection of videos compiled to teach the student. It was very educational to have an exact picture of the equation that was happening, more so than if the course would have done a little animation or simply told me what happened. The videos are clear, simple and provide a good way to help students really feel like they are interacting with the course. These videos were a fun and informative way to teach this course.”
Teacher“I would like to thank my teacher for her outstanding ability to connect with her students and give positive and encouraging feedback on assignments. There was one assignment in particular that I was especially proud of and I ended up spending a lot of time on it. Upon turning in the assignment, my teacher let me know that what I had turned in was “excellent work”. It felt good to be appreciated like that, and it felt even better to know that someone was noticing the amount of effort I put into it. She was in constant communication, and thoroughly and quickly graded all work. I can only imagine how hard it must be to facilitate this kind of communication and positive atmosphere across a whole range of students. I commend my teacher as she was truly one of the best I have ever had.“
Lessons“I really enjoyed the format of these lessons. They were very well put together and flowed well for my note-taking.”
Positive“Two positive comments that I have for the course is: Very instructional and direct, and also very useful to be able to see my grades as soon as I submit a quiz or assignment which makes doing my work even more fun and exciting because it encourages and motivates me to keep doing more. The only problem that I've had trouble with throughout my courses is having assignments pop up that were not there before. Other than that, I've had an amazing experience with eSchool courses and I love doing schoolwork now. “
Format"Very easy format to follow. I knew how to work it the first day I started."

“My course instructor was very prompt in answering my messages. She also left feedback on everything that she needed to grade, which made me feel a lot better about the work that I did. I wish all teachers gave their students a little self-esteem boost, as I know some students get afraid to turn things in because they think it is no good. I have no negative comments, I had a lot of fun in this course :)”


“The lessons were very well put together, I like how some lessons were interactive, as they were more engaging than just reading information. Reading on a computer screen gets tiring, and watching videos and interacting with the lesson was a nice addition to the course.”

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