Starting a Course


All courses have a Start Here section every student must enter to begin their course. In this section the student finds a Welcome Lesson, videos and a reference page to help them get acclimated to the Blackboard (Bb) environment and better understand how the course works. It is quite similar to the first day of a regular school where the teacher hands out the syllabus and explains how the class will be led.

At the end of the Start Here section is a Policies and Procedures quiz. The purpose of this quiz is to ensure the student has read all the information about the course and understands how the course works. The student has unlimited attempts and must score 100% for the lessons to be released. The Lessons section will be blank until this required score is achieved.

Now it is time to get started with learning!!



The Lessons section is where the real magic begins! JCPSeSchool prides itself on the delivery of sound lessons written by the teachers of the courses. These courses are engaging and interactive for the students. Lessons are aligned with current standards for the content area and other requirements set by the Jefferson County school district. For example, the science courses are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) which have been adopted by a majority of the states.

A typical unit would have lessons followed by small quizzes to require the student to show what they gleaned from the lesson. Other assignments include activities, scientific practices, math activities, games, translations and writing assignments to allow the student to apply the knowledge they gained in the lessons. These assignments are all graded by the teacher and students receive feedback, including suggestions if any revisions are necessary.

Each course is different in length as is the number of required units. Remember the majority of our courses are semester courses which is only half the material for a full year credit.

Final Exam

Once students complete all the units of the course, it is time to prepare for a final exam. A final exam is required for every course. This is necessary to validate the student truly did the work and completed the course themselves. It is our safeguard to assure JCPSeSchool can give a student credit for a course which we can safely say the student completed.

The process begins with the student filling out a course evaluation which is found in the Last Steps folder in the Lessons section. This evaluation is released at the moment the student has met all grade requirements in the course. Once this is submitted a Practice Final will be released. This practice final can be taken multiple times and it gives the student a gauge for the score they will make on the Final Exam. We encourage the student to take the Practice Final at some point without notes or any reference material since they will not be allowed to use their notes on the actual Final Exam.

Once the student scores 70% on their Practice Final they are ready to schedule the Final Exam. If the student is working with one of our partner schools either inside or outside Jefferson County, we will have trained proctors at that site where the student can schedule the taking of the Final Exam. It must be proctored and there is a time limit of 90 min. If a student resides in Jefferson County, they may schedule their Final Exam at our offices in the Dawson Orman Center. All other students will need to contact JCPSeSchool to make arrangements for finding a proctor that we can approve and train. Just call the eSchool office to find out more details.

A credit is awarded to the student for a score of 60% or higher on the Final Exam. The overall final grade for the course is calculated using the course average as 75% and the Final Exam as 25%.