National and International Awards and Honors

2008 ANGEL Learning Impact Award

ANGEL IMPACT AWARD 2008 presented for Exemplary ANGEL LMS Program.

Program Description

eScrimmage mini-courses help JCPS high school students prepare for Kentucky's Commonwealth Accountability Testing System (CATS) assessment virtually using ANGEL. Mini-courses in six subject areas are developed and maintained by resource teachers in the district's virtual high school JCPSeSchool. Each course includes pretests, lessons and post-tests aligned with core Kentucky content.

The JCPSeSchool eScrimmages Program optimizes ANGEL functionality to produce measurable results.

2007 IMS Global Learning Consortium

2007 Learning Impact Award Bronze Winner

Featuring the highest levels of innovation, adoption, and learning impact, the Learning Impact Awards (aka LIAs) symbolize the use of technology for support or enhancement of learning. A set of twenty-five finalists, from nominations submitted from around the world, were invited to the Learning Impact conference in Vancouver 2007 to be judged by a set of six expert reviewers and combined voting from the attendees, which served as a seventh reviewer. Nominations with superior measurable impact on faculty/teacher adoption, student achievement, and ease of implementation earned the finalist slots.

The LIA awards are also unique in that they recognize the use of technology in context. Nominations include not only information about the technology, but how it is used by an educational or training organization.

From Articulate: "Congratulations to the entire Articulate team and to Jefferson County Public Schools/JCPSeSchool for earning this prestigious recognition! It’s a great reminder to reflect on how our software is educating not just employees of large corporations around the world, but the children who are our future, too."

2007 National Dropout Prevention Network

Crystal Star Awards of Excellence (Individual Winner)

Ms. Beverly M. Herrlinger
Administrator, Jefferson County High School, Louisville, KY

Ms. Beverly M. Herrlinger has been involved with public education in many capacities for over 30 years, most of those years dealing with at-risk students. After graduating from Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, Ohio, she began teaching high school English and drama where she quickly learned that she preferred working with students who had a hard time making it in the regular school setting. After moving to Kentucky, while working part time in Adult Education and raising her two children, Beverly returned to school and received an M.A. from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was during this time with Adult Education that Beverly returned to her prime interest—working with at-risk students. It was a very easy decision to make when she was offered an opportunity to work with Buell Snyder to establish Jefferson County High School, the largest alternative high school in Kentucky and a former Crystal Star Award Program winner. Ms. Herrlinger has dedicated her educational career to working with at-risk students both as a classroom teacher and school administrator. Because of her expertise in this area, Beverly has served as a presenter at various national, state, and local conferences. In addition, Beverly has served as a consultant to numerous school districts in the areas of curriculum, professional staff development, and teacher training.

NDPN Awards

2005 Crystal Star Award of Excellence Distinguished Leadership and Service

Mr. M. Buell Snyder
Principal, Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, Kentucky

Mr. Snyder has worked in the school system for 40 years. His creativity and ingenuity have led to the development of many successful programs for high risk students: the Whitney Young Job Corp Center, administering the WIN program, developing refugee camps for the United States State Department, directing numerous JTPA programs, supervising GED/literacy programs for Adult Education and providing the leadership in the development of three alternative schools, Jefferson County High School, Liberty High School, and JCPSeSchool. After the first year of implementation, the District’s dropout rate was reduced by 30% due to transfers into Jefferson County High School.

The high school has been replicated by over 250 school districts in more than 27 states. Mr. Snyder continues to consult with these schools and provide staff development and training. Over 6,000 at-risk students have graduated from JCHS since its inception. Nearly 8,000 students per year are taking eSchool courses, some as far away as Japan. He is often quoted as saying, “The students didn’t become at-risk overnight, and so it will take us longer than a day to get them back on the right track. We’ve got to keep trying and give them a chance to turn around.”

NDPN Awards

2003 National Dropout Prevention Network Crystal Star Awards of Excellence Program Winners

Jefferson County High School
Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, Kentucky

Jefferson County High School (JCHS) is committed to providing successful completion of high school to all students unable to graduate from thNatione traditional school setting. JCHS facilitates student learning through open entry/open exit, and a self-paced, individualized curriculum, thereby enhancing self-esteem and the ability to become productive employable members of society. JCHS is one of the largest high schools in the District with more than 350 graduates annually.

The school is located in five (5) locations throughout Jefferson County. These sites include high schools, portables and community education centers. Students also have the option to take regular academic courses online through the District’s eSchool. A program evaluation found that students who attend JCHS were less likely to have dropped out than those in the comparison group, 15.3% versus 34.9%, respectively. Since its inception, the school has received more than 800 visitors; its model is being used at an estimated 275 other school districts in over 27 states.

NDPN Awards