JCPSeSchool History

JCPSeSchool became a digital presence on January 29, 2000.  Jefferson County High School principal Buell Snyder, program specialist Pete Raisor, and distance learning specialist Jana Hickey actively sought solutions to digitize our Jefferson County High School paper and pencil curriculum.

In November of 1999, Jefferson County High School started an active partnership with NovaNET.  NovaNET provided the platform and curriculum in the following content areas, Arts and Humaities, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language and Practical Living.  This two year partnership grew quickly with active enrollment.  Our pioneering teaching staff utilized the NovaNET curriculum and learning management system while yearning to create their own curriculum. 

In 2002, Jefferson County High School decided to shift from using third party curriculum providers to teaching and developing our own curriculum.  The missing ingredient was a strong learning management system.  Engineers from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis had just opened a pilot for k-12 institutions with their ANGEL Learning Management System.  This system allowed students to connect to content from anywhere, any place, at any time, at any pace. Learners, members of this community, are able to access interactive courses on an as-needed basis. Students communicate directly with their online teachers for assistance navigating Common Core curriculum. 

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