• What is JCPSeSchool Middle School Credit Recovery?
    JCPS offers a credit-recovery program for middle school students (grades six, seven, and eight) through JCPSeSchool. These classes provide a virtual learning experience via the Internet. The purpose of this program is to help middle school students with core content learning in the areas of reading, writing, social studies, and math. The highly qualified staff at eSchool teaches all the courses, grades all work submitted, and provides feedback to each student using an in-course messaging system called Messaging With My Teacher. Student messaging is limited to the teacher only.
  • Participation Information
    To participate in a credit recovery course, students must be recommended for enrollment by the staff at their local school. An eLiaison at each location is trained by the eSchool staff regarding responsibilities, on-site supervision, and basic use of the program. The eLiaison becomes the point-of-contact between eSchool and the local school.

    JCPSeSchool also offers Reading Assessment Recovery and Math Assessment Recovery courses to address the needs of students who did not master those sections of the state assessment. In addition, eSchool offers an On-Demand Writing Course to prepare students for the on-demand portion of the state assessment.

    For Exceptional Child Education (ECE) students, assistance may be given at any time during the lessons and quizzes, but state assessment guidelines based on the students' Individual Education Program (IEP) for testing must be followed on the final exam.
  • Middle School Offerings
    • Sixth-Grade Mathematics: Fractions
    • Sixth-Grade Mathematics: Decimals and Percentages
    • Sixth-Grade Mathematics: Data and Statistics
    • Sixth-Grade Mathematics: Geometry
    • Seventh-Grade Mathematics: Number Sense
    • Seventh-Grade Mathematics: Ratios, Proportions, and Percentages
    • Seventh-Grade Mathematics: Statistics and Probability
    • Eighth-Grade Mathematics: Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
    • Eighth-Grade Mathematics: Real Numbers and Pythagoras
    • Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Narrative Writing (Using Poetry as a Model)
    • Sixth-, Seventh-, and Eighth-Grade Argument Writing
    • Sixth-, Seventh-, and Eighth-Grade On-Demand Writing
    • Sixth-Grade Reading (grading periods 1–5)
    • Seventh-Grade Reading (grading periods 1–5)
    • Eighth-Grade Reading (grading periods 1–4)
    • Sixth-Grade Social Studies (grading periods 1–2)
    • Seventh-Grade Social Studies (grading periods 1–2)
    • Eighth-Grade Social Studies (grading periods 1–5)
    • Eighth-Grade Math Assessment Recovery
    • Eighth-Grade Reading Assessment Recovery