Who Takes JCPSeSchool Courses?

We have a wide variety of students taking our courses.

  • Students seeking their high school diploma by an alternative method
  • Home school students
  • Home-bound students
  • Students seeking early graduation
  • College-prep students
  • Military family children
  • Talented young people with a career that has already started

Open Entry/ Open Exit

JCPSeSchool has no opening day of school or closing day of school. It is available on a full calendar year excluding major holidays. Students can work around the clock and at a pace that works for them. A typical semester course will be allotted 90 days to be completed but can certainly be finished in a shorter time frame. Full year courses have a longer time frame depending on the course. 

A student is enrolled by their school or by the parent if they are home-schooled. That enrollment date is the start of the 90-day count and the completion of the final exam must be within 90 days of that date. The final exam date is dependent on the student being ready for the exam.